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"My Thriving Life" Journal

With just $4.99, this creatively designed journal helps you kickstart & boost your thriving track independently taking you through reflective questions that lead to  transformation.

Equip Yourself Independently

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"Rooting To Thrive" Workshop

* 4 Video Sessions To Position You To Win Consistently

*  4 Foundational Blocks To Thriving (Power of Awareness, Enriching Environment...)

* Personal Strategy Sheets (Worksheets)

* Complimentary copy of "My Thriving Life" Journal

* Complimentary Private Plug-in Session (45mins)


A GPS will always ask your current location when mapping the best route to your desired destination.

The Maxwell Method of DISC (Personality Assessment & Report) is that "GPS" on your path of self discovery & personal development to thriving more.

With this resource, you will position better by putting your best foot forward consistently.

Get your preferred option from $60...

Thrive More In A Focused & Collaborative Environment

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