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CEDAR is the initiative developed by The Polished Lens company. Today, it represents the community it serves with personal & leadership development resources.

Each letter in the word 'CEDAR' represents the focus of the work we do shaping perception and supporting people development.

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C represents Clarity and Consistency. Getting Clarity is one of the foundational steps to excelling in life. Clarity helps us with confidence and decision making. When we're clear about a thing, we're more equipped to succeed. Consistency is also one principle we acknowledge differentiates those who maximize their opportunities and succeed and those who don't. Consistency means showing up over and over again. Consistency means covering your hours to expertise.

E stands for Expression of Gifts and Excellence. Everyone has been gifted in a unique way and our sense of fulfillment usually comes from using that gift to serve others. However, it is important we do all we do in a certain way, Excellence is one way to hit the bull's eye on this.

D is the very core of CEDAR. This is about Discovery and Development. Discovery of self leads to self awareness, which is key to growth in life. Development of our strengths, gifts and the leader in us is also important to being the best version of ourselves. It embraces the process especially of evolving as one grows.

A represents Authenticity and Accountability. We have to live life as a true version of ourselves. Trying to be like others is tiring and cannot be sustained. Accountability is one of the success factor many seem to overlook. We usually get more done when we have a strong sense of accountability at work.

R represents Relevance and Reward. At the end of it all, we want to be relevant in whatever space and time we find ourselves. And we want some form of reward for what we do. Relevance is about being the preferred because of our unique self. And reward could be financial, a recognition or that satisfying sense of fulfillment that we play our part in life's symphony.

The CEDAR Community

This is the online community served with resources to shape perception for transformational life decisions, personal and leadership development. We are passionate about working with those in life transitions, at a crossroad or based at home. Transition could be changing careers, re-locations (expatriates & spouses) or even exiting paid employment. Resources include complimentary ones like weekly live sessions (Thriving Thursdays), fortnightly podcasts and mini-mastermind groups; as well as subscription Mastermind Groups.

Are you in a transition / at a crossroad of some sort and desire an experience that is not only smooth and rewarding but leaves you a better version of yourself? We can't wait to connect with you.

Are you home-based as a Mum, Dad or Entrepreneur and looking for partnership to thrive in this season? This is the place for you.

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