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What About the Maxwell Method of DISC?

The Maxwell Method of DISC (Personality Assessment & Report) is one of the most critical resources you will find relevant on your path to self discovery, personal development and a fulfilling life.

With this resource, you will...

  • Gain a higher level of self awareness
  • Recognize your strengths and growth opportunities
  • Discover your true communication style and how to work best with your team/group members
  • Discover your most conducive environments and motivators
  • Create a focused personal development plan
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DISCover-You Kids is the version for children of 8 -12 years.

Would you like to unravel what makes your child so unique and different from you or other children you have or know?

Would you like to learn how to support him or her to succeed?

Then DISCover You (Kids) is a must have.  In addition to learning about strengths and motivations, you will discover how to connect deeply with him/her and unlock potentials.

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$60 /person
  • Assessment Only
  • 31 Page Comprehensive Report
  • (16 Pages For Student Success / Kids Version)


$250 /person
  • Assessment
  • Mailed Comprehensive Report
  • 60 Mins Debrief
  • 30 Mins Follow Up Within 30 Days