If discovering your unique personality and how to bring your best foot forward all the time (especially in teams or relationships) will make a significant shift in life outcomes for you, you’re in the right place.

If you are intentional and ready for personal growth, then DISCover You is for you. This is one resource that steps you up in levels of self awareness. To put this simply, you will get to know yourself.

You must know yourself to grow yourself” – John Maxwell

Yes I’m Ready To DISCover (Sign Up For Assessment)

Using the Maxwell Method of DISC as we work with you, we get to unpack together the details of your unique personality. A comprehensive 31 page report is generated from the assessment which unveils strengths, motivations, ideal environment, communication code, leadership strength, gaps that can be worked etc

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DISCover You has 5 major options you could sign up for…

  • Assessment and Report Only
  • Assessment, Report and 30mins Debrief
  • Assessment, Report, 75mins Debrief and 30mins FollowUp Sessions
  • Assessment, Report, Debrief and Coaching (Customized)
  • Workshop and Assessment for Teams (Min of 5 people, Customized)

Investment Options

  • $50 – Report Only
  • $120 – Report with 30mins Debrief Session / Person
  • $250 – Report + 60mins Debrief + 30 mins Follow Up Sessions/ Person
  • Customized Packages (from $500)

Yes I’m Ready To Take The Assessment & DISCover

DISCover-You (Kids)

Is your child aged 8 -12 years old? Would you like to unravel what makes him or her so unique and different from you or other children you have or know. Would you like to learn how to support him or her to succeed? Then DISCover You (Kids) is a must have. In addition to learning about strengths and motivations, you will discover how to connect deeply with him/her and unlock potentials.

Investment Options – $50 Report Only OR $100 Report with 30mins Debrief Session

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