CEDAR is the initiative developed by The Polished Lens company. It represents the community it serves with personal & leadership development resources as well as its key coaching program.

Each letter in the word ‘CEDAR’ represents the focus of the work we do shaping perception and supporting people development.

“My Thriving Life” Journal

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C represents Clarity and Consistency. Getting Clarity is one of the foundational steps to excelling in life. Clarity helps us with confidence and decision making. When we’re clear about a thing, we’re more equipped to succeed. Consistency is also one principle we acknowledge differentiates those who maximize their opportunities and succeed and those who don’t. Consistency means showing up over and over again. Consistency means covering your hours to expertise.

E stands for Expression of Gifts and Excellence. Everyone has been gifted in a unique way and our sense of fulfillment usually comes from using that gift to serve others. However, it is important we do all we do in a certain way, Excellence is one way to hit the bull’s eye on this.

D is the very core of CEDAR. This is about Discovery and Development. Discovery of self leads to self awareness, which is key to growth in life. Development of our strengths, gifts and the leader in us is also important to being the best version of ourselves. It embraces the process especially of evolving as one grows.

A represents Authenticity and Accountability. We have to live life as a true version of ourselves. Trying to be like others is tiring and cannot be sustained. Accountability is one of the success factor many seem to overlook. We usually get more done when we have a strong sense of accountability at work.

R represents Relevance and Reward. At the end of it all, we want to be relevant in whatever space and time we find ourselves. And we want some form of reward for what we do. Relevance is about being the preferred because of our unique self. And reward could be financial, a recognition or that satisfying sense of fulfillment that we play our part in life’s symphony.

The CEDAR Community

This is the online community served with resources to shape perception for better life decisions, personal and leadership development. We intend to work particularly with those in one transition or another in life. Transition could be changing careers, re-locations (expatriates & spouses) or even exiting paid employment. We do this through workshops, webinars, masterclasses with guest sessions, book reviews and mastermind groups.

Are you in a transition of some sort and desire an experience that is not only smooth and rewarding but leaves you with a better version of yourself? This is the place for you.

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The CEDAR Coaching Program

Coaching is the only self-development intervention that brings sustainable transformation to people, because it nurtures the ability of intentional and critical thinking which leads to unlearning, learning and taking steps to growth and significant change.

It is why we offer this, and in two packages – the customized and intensive which runs for 3 months (9 Sessions) or less, and the standard one (curriculum based) which runs for 6 months.

Do you want to be clear on your next steps? Do you want significant change and move towards your desired goals by maximizing all you have already? You’re in the right place.

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CEDAR Resources

Resources are shared with the community to foster significant growth and outcomes, as well as specially designed classes and content.

CEDAR MasterMind Groups

This resource is group based, running for 6 weeks or more with a focused theme.

  • Thrive MasterMind Group
  • Thrive At Home MasterMind Group
  • Science of Getting Rich MasterMind Group

Complimentary Options

These resources are offered free to everyone particularly members of the CEDAR community, and can be maximized for growth and productivity.

  1. Thrive At Home Cheat Document – Need to get ideas on how to thrive as you transition to more time at home? Need to stay productive and build your dreams even from the home space? Then this cheat sheet is for you. Get your copy here.
  2. Complimentary 30 Mins Call – For clarity on a direction or brainstorming a plan or on-going project. Book a call today.
  3. Thriving Thursdays – Weekly live learning and sharing time on the community fb page and FolaFayo IGLive. It’s also a time of Q & A for an thriving related issue. All videos are archived in the community for replays when needed.
  4. Podcasts – Podcast episodes come up in 2 forms, The Polished Lens Podcasts which come up fortnightly on Wednesdays; and CrossRoads Live which comes up quarterly featuring a guest and live Q&A on the topic of the day. All episodes are available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Spreaker.
  5. Virtual Lunch N Learns – are free but require registration. These sessions are in Webinar formats, they come up quarterly and are focused on key areas critical to thriving – DISC Personality, Hold Your Dream, Leadership Gold, Everyone Communicates but Few Connect.
  6. Mini MasterMind Group Programs – Also free but require registration. They usually run for 3 weeks and focus on certain topics or book reviews e.g. As A Man Thinketh, 15 Laws of Growth.

Thrive MasterMind Group

This a a 6 – weeks program that is designed to drive deliberate growth, transformation & outstanding outcomes for each participant through mentoring, collaboration and accountability. It will position & equip you for true success and thriving.

What you get –

  • 2 Private Sessions ( including a DISCover You Package)
  • 4 Group Sessions with other amazing minds
  • In-depth study & actions on building blocks of a thriving life (Thought Model, Wealth Mindset, Leadership/Influencing Edge, Soulful Networks & Connections)
  • Complimentary Copy of “My Thriving Life” Journal
  • 50% Discount Code to “Thrive At Home” MasterClass

Current Program starts 02.06.2020 and ends 20.07.2020

Registration on till 30th May, 2020 at $400

Registration closed!

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My Thriving Life” Journal

Have you always wanted to work on your personal growth or to experience significant change in key areas of your life but not sure how or where to start? 

Are you currently thriving but desire consistency in addition to attaining new grounds? Then this journal is for you.

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