There are 5 key steps you can take today to thriving more in whatever space or season you are in now. We’ll be glad to work with you on any option you settle for.

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Schedule for a one-time 30mins call on Whatsapp or Skype today for clarity on next steps or to brainstorm a situation quickly.

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My Thriving Life Journal

With this resource you can start taking key steps independently to thriving more.

Have you always wanted to work on your personal growth or to experience significant change in key areas of your life but not sure how or where to start? 

Are you currently thriving but desire consistency in addition to attaining new grounds? Then this journal is for you. (Click image to get your copy today).

DISCover You

Let’s help facilitate the opportunity to unveil more of who you are and where you are now – your strengths, constraints, motivators, communication code and leading edge. If you’re ready to move towards a desired place in life, this is definitely where to map your route from.

We will make use of one of the top personality assessments in the world – The Maxwell Method of DISC. Investments start at as little as $50.

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Personalized Package

These options are private and will be customized to suit your need. Are you on the CEDAR community? If yes you get a 10% off.

Partnership / Mentoring – This is a hand holding / accountability relationship that also entails brainstorming, masterminding together on the decisions & progress you’re making per time on your specific growth plans or projects. With this option we connect once a month – voice/video call for 45 – 60mins. This is for 6months with 6 sessions, with investment at $500.

Coaching – With this option we create a relationship where we work together to articulate and prioritize your key goals & targets, unveil limiting beliefs, clarify action plans and stay accountable till accomplished. This is an intensive intervention option as we delve really deeply, moving from a blur / uncertainty to definiteness and productivity. 

For this we have a 3 months package with 9 sessions and investment at $1000. Every connection is a 60-90mins voice/video call.

Group Package

Our group packages come with specialized MasterMind Group sessions. These sessions provide an atmosphere of learning, sharing & growth with amazing minds giving their best because they are intentional to get the best. The MMGs are designed to focus on key learning themes. Each session is with limited seats, typically run for 4 – 8 weeks and investments will be announced at each launch, usually ranging from $200 – $500.

  • Thrive Mastermind Group (currently running)
  • “Thrive At Home” MasterMind Group
  • Leadership Resource Reviews MMG
  • The Science of Getting Rich MMG

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