Have you ever tried driving on a foggy day? Bet you didn’t do it without turning on your headlamps. And for those of us who use glasses to see better, we sometimes have to wipe after moving across rooms/spaces with different temperatures. All because clarity is everything to moving safely in the desired direction.

Another instance where clarity is key is when you’re getting instructions to a task, project or for direction when finding your way in a new terrain. If you don’t have the required clarity, you could mess up an opportunity or actually got lost.

I have learnt, that getting clarity in life is one of the keys to greatness or success. And if you ever find yourself drifting, trust me, you need clarity.

What’s that one thing you need clarity on today? What do you do when you need clarity on an issue?

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Outdo Your Yesterday

I dropped a hint on this on the last episode of The Polished Lens. You should listen to it if you’re yet to and get the full gist😉

So many of us (yes I mean this, because some are not yet in that space or season where they are driven) want to do a whole lot with our lives. Many even use the mantra – “die empty”. However the error that is easy to make is with comparison – comparing your speed, direction or growth with another person.

Sometimes comparison lets us see what is attainable and we get challenged to stretch. But ultimately your main goal should be to outdo yourself over and over again. To ask yourself everyday- how will I outdo my yesterday. So that years down the line, you can be comfortable to pat yourself on the back and say, see how far I’ve come.

Start today, if you’ve never considered it – outdo your yesterday 👊🏽

Baby Steps

Hmm… in my few years of existence 😁, I have tried many new things.

Yes indeed!! Architecture, HR, Fashion Design ( that’s probably new to many😂), Photography, Blogging, Family Life… you all know the newest baby 😎 – Podcasting on “The Polished Lens”.

A few things tie them all for me. One is learning all the way, and another is starting out with baby steps.

You see, it doesn’t really matter if those steps you take at the beginning of a new season or project or job or relationship, are small, maybe even slow and wobbly. What’s great to remind yourself is that you’re moving, towards perfection, towards maturity, towards mastery.

What are you taking baby steps in?

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