Welcome to the official site of “The Polished Lens”, the Podcast Show Founded and Anchored by FolaFayo.

The show is focused on shaping your perspective about life issues so you can make better decisions that will help you thrive. If you’re at a cross road, in one transition season of some sort, then you don’t want to miss any episode, especially that which speaks to your need.

You know why? Lessons (from life experiences, studies and conversations), shared on the show would be aimed at achieving, in one way or the other, the benefits of one or all types of enhancing lenses.

What sort of enhancing lenses should you have in mind? The most popular ones are the Corrective Lenses recommended to fix some eye defects like short-sightedness and long- sightedness. Telescopic lenses help bring the view of things naturally positioned at a distance closer. Then, Microscopic lenses give great details to small things that the natural eye is incapable of seeing. Also, Photographic lenses enable a capturing of images & moments for future referencing. Above all Divine Lenses, these ones allow us analyze situations and see ourselves based on truths that transcend time and space.

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