About FolaFayo


It’s a great pleasure having you on the site for my Podcast – The Polished Lens.

I am a Perception Shaper.

Yes, this is my WHY – Shaping Perception, which I articulated properly in 2018 that brilliantly combines my passion for photography and inspiring others. With photography, I shape the perception others have of you (via headshots / personal brand images). And with inspiration/motivation, I help to shape your perception of life and living fulfilled.

So to some trivia…

My name is Olubukola Ogunfayo. Don’t worry, please feel free to call me FolaFayo, you don’t have to add any title to this. I’ve had quite an interesting career so far. Starting with Architecture, getting certified & working as an HR Associate and eventually settling to focus on Photography. Which is why I call Cairo my city of Passion. It was our honeymoon destination years back, and where a few years ago, I embraced (not to let go) my Photography passion.

I’m married to my best friend (what more could a girl ask for) and we have 3 special young growing ‘adults’ that we simply cherish, put in our care by the Giver of Life Himself.

I enjoy travelling (‘still have some destinations in my bucket list), and spending time gisting and hanging out with loved ones.

I love, love, love reading and learning. And I find so much delight sharing what I learn, especially when I know it would help shape how others make decisions and choices for a better life. It’s hard for me to leave people who are continually around me in the same place I met them. Naaa, I would always ask you questions to see how I can add value to the season you’re in.

Now to my Podcasting journey….

I’ve been blogging since 2007 on  FOOTSTEPS . Sharing remarkable life lessons I’ve learnt so I can encourage some and inspire some, whilst leaving my mark in the sands of time.

Then in 2013, I started sharing goal review reminders (which eventually included life tips) via broadcasts on smart phones. I moved on to Audio Broadcasts in 2018. With encouragements and positive push, it was time to structure how I shared my content again and then The Polished Lens was birthed. Still with the same objective, to share learnings and leave you inspired with a better shaped perception so you can thrive.

Indeed I have metarmophosized from Blogger to Podcaster.

Show was officially launched on Jan 20, 2019 – 20 . 01 . 19

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