Shaped By Seasons (Birthday Special)

I have learnt that only an evaluated experience truly teaches us wisdom.

This is why “Shaped by Seasons” is a special one to mark my birthday in a few days.

On this episode I share major life lessons that have helped shape my perception about life. Behind each lesson is a story, an experience from each decade / season that have gifted me with growth, to live more intentionally and be better prepared for opportunities.

In the first decade , my parents promised us a gift of holidaying in London with mum, but with a caveat. Excel and top your class. I was like “travel out?”, “London?”… Yes I will…

And so I pushed myself and stretched… Heaven smiled on me. God lavished me with favour. I did top my class by divine intervention and yes, that summer when Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson, I travelled with my mum and younger brother. My first time in a plane (being knowledgeable…lol), my first time outside Nigeria. It was so memorable, I haven’t forgotten some details from that trip till date.

It taught me this – a reward will come when you strive for it. It may even be delayed sometimes, but it will come.

There’s more..

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