Episode 4 – Diversify Your Network

We’ve learnt a lot about the significance of a strong network. Your network makes up a huge portion of your net-worth. But a unique perspective would be this – how diverse is that network?.

I was reinforced with this a little while ago when we had a conversation during a family dinner at home and my daughter shared a perspective I might have never considered that easily on the topic discussed. Listen to the full story on on the Episode 4.

By all means, include those who will challenge you in your network. People with results, people with experience, richer perhaps and more likely smarter. You need however to enrich it with cutting across age generations or backgrounds. And sometimes, these may mean people who will learn from you and stretch you to pour into them, That way, you are positioned to get the best of possibilities from a variety.

pic credit – google / possiblemobile.com

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