2018 Year End Audio Broadcast

Hello everyone! This is FolaFayo !

Compliments of the Season to you all! I apologise for being away for such a while. For those of you who asked me, then, that: ‘Did you take me off of your mailing list? I have not gotten any of your messages in a while.’ I apologise for not coming back as early as I thought I would. Yes, so indeed, something has been cooking and it will be officially launched in 2019 January.  I’m excited about it. And I just wanted to say thank you, first of all, to everyone for their attention and for being such a wonderful audience, since the beginning of this year- when I started this platform. Thank you so much to everyone who gave me feedback, at some point or the other, on how relevant the messages were to them or to people they knew- at the times when I shared them. 

So yes, something has been cooking and it’s going to be a more structured way of sharing my messages. It’s going to be a podcast show, which will be officially launched next week… next month. I’m excited about it. I really just wanted to say that this is really going to be my last share in this format.

Going forward, I’ll basically just be sharing a link, and then you could download the podcast episode, listen to it and be blessed as usual.  I wanted to also leave us with this.

Being the end of year, I know a lot of us have been having a great time with family, with our friends and with loved ones.  I know that some of us have already started positioning for 2019 as well, looking forward to the great promises that it seems to have with it. I’m looking forward to 2019 and I know my family is looking forward to 2019. I know a few of my friends who are looking forward to certain specific things coming through for them in 2019- at the same time. 

 I feel like this would be the right time to drop just a brief lesson or nugget, or something that we can just be aware of. And that’s the fact that, in life we can do things better- live better when we are better informed. If you look at any area of your life right now, where you seem to be struggling- it’s probably because you don’t know something that you need to know: something you need to, probably, learn from people who have gone through that path before or people who have a better understanding about that thing, that could help you to make a change. And sometimes we do know some of these things- but we have not been deliberate enough to start doing them. Or, we have not been disciplined, you know, about doing them. 

So, I would encourage us as we go into the New Year to really assess the areas of our life where we really want tangible changes, and begin to ask ourselves: “How can I position to learn more, be better informed and then, make a better decision in this area so that I can indeed live the life that I want properly in this area?”.

This is exactly what the show that I’ll be launching in January, would be doing. The intent would be to help us to see things from a better perspective- so that we can make life decisions that would, indeed, move us forward and help us to also be a blessing to people around us.

 I’m excited about it and I just wanted to say thank you- ahead of time- for everyone who would be sharing the links, downloads, who would be downloading and sharing it. I look forward to feedback, as well, because no one is an embodiment of knowledge. They’re things I would love to learn from everybody, so I’ll be looking out for your feedback and your responses. I would definitely appreciate you, sharing the links with other people as well. Thank you so much for being a wonderful audience since the beginning of this year. 

Thank you for the attention you’re also going to give me as you continue to follow in the months to come. Thank you so much also for being wonderful in one way or the other to me- for everyone who knows me personally. I just wanted to say, a wonderful season to you all again and to wish you a fantastic and phenomenal 2019. Thank you so much. God bless you.

This is FolaFayo.

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